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Journal Articles

Depperman, A., Laurier, E., Mondada, L., (with contributing authors: Broth, M., Cromdal, J., de Stefani, E., Haddington, P., Levin, L., Nevile, M., Rauniomaa, M.) (2018) Overtaking as an interactional achievement : video analyses of participants' practices in traffic, Gesprächforschung - Online-Zeitschrift zur verbalen Interaktion. 19, 1-131
Laurier, E. (2018) Civility and mobility: drivers (and passengers) appreciating the actions of other drivers Language & Communication, (online first in special issue “On the Road: communicating traffic” edited by Elwys de Stefani, Mathias Broth & Arnulf Deppermann), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.langcom.2018.04.006
de Kok, B. C., Widdicombe, S., Pilnick, A., & Laurier, E. (2018). Doing patient-centredness versus achieving public health targets_ A critical review of interactional dilemmas in ART adherence support. Social Science & Medicine, 205, 17–25. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2018.03.030
Laurier, E. (2017) The Uses of Stance in Media Production: A Study in Embodied Sociolinguistics, Journal of Sociolinguistics, (Talk and Beyond Series), 21, 1, 112-137
Brown, B. & Laurier, E. (2017) The trouble with autopilots: Assisted and autonomous driving on the social road, pp 416-429 in Proceedings of CHI 2017, New York, USA. Final version here: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3025462
Laurier, E. (2016) Youtube: fragments of an atlas of the video-tropics . Area, 48, 4, 488-495
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Laurier, E. (2014) Dissolving the dog: the home made video. Cultural Geographies. 21 4, 627-638, DOI: 10.1177/1474474014530960
Laurier, E. (2014) The Graphic Transcript: poaching comic book grammar for inscribing the visual, spatial and temporal aspects of action. Geography Compass, 8, 4, 235-248
Weilenmann, A., Normark, D., & Laurier, E. (2014) Managing Walking Together: The Challenge of Revolving Doors. Space and Culture, Special Issue on Mobile Formations, 17, 2, 122-136
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Brown, B. & Laurier, E (2012) Word of mouth, Consumption, Markets and Culture, DOI:10.1080/10253866.2012.675827
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Brown, B. & Laurier, E. (2012) The normal, natural troubles of driving with GPS, CHI 2012, Austin, TX, USA
Laurier, E. & Brown B. (2011) The Reservations of the Editor: the routine work of showing and knowing the film in the edit suite, Journal of Social Semiotics, 21: 2 239-257, Theme Issue ‘Analysing Spaces of Multimodal Discourse’ edited by Paul McIlvenny & Chaim Noy
Laurier, E. & Wiggins, S. (2011) Finishing the family meal: the interactional organisation of satiety, Appetite 56, 1: 53-64
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Laurier, E. & Brown, B. (2008) Rotating maps and readers: praxiological aspects of alignment and orientation, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 33, 201-21
Laurier, E. (2008) Drinking up endings: conversational resources of the cafe, Language & Communication, 28, 2, 165-181.
Laurier, E. (2008) How breakfast happens in the cafe, Time & Society, 17,1 119-143.
Laurier, E., Lorimer, H, Brown, B., Owain Jones, Oskar Juhlin, Allyson Noble, Mark Perry, Daniele Pica, Philippe Sormani, Ignaz Strebel, Laurel Swan, Alex S. Taylor, Laura Watts & Alexandra Weilenmann (2008) Driving and passengering: notes on the ordinary organisation of car travel, Mobilities, 3, 1, 1-23.
Laurier, E. & Philo, C. (2007) 'A Parcel of Muddling Muckworms': revisiting Habermas and the English Coffee House, Social and Cultural Geography, 8, 2, 259-281
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Book Chapters

Wiggins, S & Laurier, E (2019) Our daily bread and onions: Negotiating tastes in family mealtime interaction, chapter to appear in Space, Taste & Affect, edited by Emily Falconer, Routledge, London, 2019
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Laurier, E. (2015). Owning and sharing experiences of adventure: tourism, video and editing practices In, Main, S, Luckinbeal, C. & Cupples, J. Mediated Geographies / Geographies of Media. London: Springer.
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Laurier, E. (2014) Capturing motion: video set-ups for driving, cycling and walking,In in the Handbook of Mobility (493-501), edited by Adey, P, Bissell, D, Merriman, P & Sheller, M., Routledge, London.
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Laurier, E. (1999) 'Ultra-sound, art and geography, or, On the difficulties of taking pictures of the insides of your body.', in Brind, S. (ed.), Curious Artists, Visual Arts Projects, Glasgow, Scottish Arts Council.

Final Reports and PhD Thesis

Laurier, E., Brown, B., Miller, R. & Muñoz, D. (2018 Self-organising traffic settings: international comparisons, Report to Nissan Research, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
de Kok, B, Laurier, E. & Widdicombe S. (2012) Managing adherence to anti-retroviral therapy: What lessons can we learn from the analysis of professional-client interactions?, SEDIT, Edinburgh
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Laurier, E. & Philo C. (2005) The Cappuccino Comunity: Cafes and civic life in the contemporary city, Final Report to the ESRC. Department of Geography, University of Glasgow
Laurier, E. (2005) What customers do, Field Report 3. Department of Geography, University of Glasgow
Laurier, E. (2004) One or several cafés: an ethnographic report, Field Report 2. Department of Geography & Geomatics, University of Glasgow
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Articles in the attic

Laurier, E. (awaiting a new home). Captures and blow-ups: on finally being able to read video recordings. Cultural Geographies.
Laurier, E. (reject (very nicely though)). The Lives Hidden by the Transcript and the Hidden Lives of the Transcript. Geography Compass.
Laurier, E & Reeves, S (rejected (sigh)) The revelations of the action-replay: video and the optical consciousness, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Lorimer, H, & Laurier E. (in progress) Taking care in the car,

Laurier, E & Brown, B. (rejected (sigh)) Cultures of seeing: pedagogies of the riverbank, Visual Studies
Laurier, E. (in progress) The cat in the shed: pets as moral and spatial features of a community.