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Car Transcript

(still from Habitable Cars video data)


Funded projects

Cross-cultural car interaction - with Barry Brown, Rebekah Miller & Daniel Muñoz - Nissan Research

Comics as research: visual narratives to enhance academic research - lead by Shari Sabeti, tutored by Simon Grennan, made to work by Tim Smith, funded by the University of Edinburgh

The Internet of Secondhand Things - with Chris Speed, Mark Hartswood and Siobhan Magee - EPSRC

Assembling the line: amateur & professional work, skills and practice in digital video editing - with Barry Brown & Ignaz Strebel - ESRC

Automedia - Family life, interaction and media in cars - Chandrika Cycil's Microsoft Research funded PhD project, with Mark Perry - Microsoft Research

WATERSHED+, ‘The Visual Language Project’ - Awareness of urban watersheds, with Sans Facon, Emlyn Firth, Matt Baker, Yan Olivares, Bern van Duin, Heather Saunders - UEP, Calgary. See also the final output

Experimenting with Geography: ‘See-Hear-Make-Do’ - an international training and networking project, directed by Michael Gallagher - ESRC

Habitable cars: the organisation of collective private transport - with Barry Brown & Hayden Lorimer - ESRC

The Cappuccino Community: Cafes and Civic Life in the Contemporary City - with Chris Philo - ESRC

Meet You At Junction 17: a socio-technical and spatial study of the mobile office - with Chris Philo - ESRC

Living Memory Project: connecting the community - with Kathy Buckner & Angus Whyte - European Commision

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Small scale fun, usually unfunded and often un-published

Walking in the countryside with mobile devices. with Tom Smith, Stuart Reeves & Ria Dunkley. A growing collection of recordings of family, friends and other groups using tablets to explore a national park site.

Family meal times, with Sally Wiggins. A growing corpus of video data that we really must write more out of.

Flower selling -
Buying and selling accomplished differently from the sales pitches in Clark & Pinch's wonderful 'The Hard Sell' (available for no not £5, no not £3, no not £1 BUT AN AMAZING 1 pence. Yes just 1 pence for a lost classic of economic transactions. Just look for yourself on Amazon)

Crowds watching events -
So far only a short paper on how the crowd respond to the play on Centre Court at the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

Driving safely
, with Barry Brown, Maurice Nevile & Pentti Haddington - An idea that the ESRC didn't quite go for on examining how people longingly drive safely and assess the driving practices of other drivers and road users.

with Tim Dant & Barry Brown - Another ESRC application that came back. Simply, we would like to look inside those vast buildings owned by Tesco and Amazon where logistics operations happen. They are the contemporary equivalent of the 20th century assembly lines in the UK.

The public and private spaces of Suburbia, with Liz Stokoe - A project we have been planning for several years to look at how suburbanites actually inhabit their curving roads and cul-de-sacs.

The play in the playing of computer games, with Stuart Reeves and Barry Brown - A growing collection of studies of different kinds of computer gameplay.

Wayfinding and map-use, with Barry Brown - Once we have finished our current study of GPS as used by pedestrian we hope to assemble our collection of writings into a book on this topic.

Seeing, noticing and identifying: perceptual skills in hunting, fishing and finding lost stuff, with Barry Brown

Human-animal accomplishments, with Hayden Lorimer

Hugs & kisses: embodied greetings in public places, with Alex Taylor

Rally car racing in forests and mountains, with Oskar Juhlin, Barry Brown, Mattias Esbjörnsson, Daniel Normark & Mattias Östergren

"In theory, theories exist. In practice, they do not."
Latour, 178, The Pasteurisation of France