A three year research project, based at Edinburgh University, funded by the ESRC, consulting with University of California San Diego, examining:

-video editing as a form of work
-the workplace where editing happens
-the diverse practical and creative skills which go into editing together movies

Looking at how editors, professional and amateur, analyse and assemble the audio-visual materials they have at hand. What social scientists doing video-analysis can learn from vernacular experts. Documenting and describing the forms of dialogue, agreement, disagreement and reasoning underpinning editing. Capturing the accountability of cutting decisions as they are being done, and, preceding and succeeding the edit. Revealing the complex skills involved in becoming not only a competent but also an excellent editor as understood via learning by doing.

To examine possible applications of the research in design, we are collaborating with the Mobility Studio’s ‘More Video!’ project, Mathias Broth’s ongoing research on live editing and Glasgow University Computing Science Department’s Designing the Augmented Stadium. Our findings will be fed back into not only design but also education and policy surrounding informal and formal video production.